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Behavioural Assessments and Therapy 


Is your Dog....


- showing signs of aggression towards other dogs or people?
- suffering from anxiety?
- destructive in the house?
- excessively barking?
- fearful of situations? 
- having problems with lead walking/recall/jumping up?


Look no further....we believe in working closely with dog and owner to help cure and manage your canine's issues.  We only use positive reinforcement methods and the techniques used will be demonstrated and explained clearly and simply for you to understand and use going forward.


We offer a full assessment and behavioural therapy session for £80.00.


This price includes 2 hour session, notes detailing exercises and techniques covered in the session, telephone and e-mail advice will be provided for the whole lifetime of your Dog.


If we need to do additional training and behavioural therapy this is priced at £35.00 per hour.


If you would like any more information or would like to book an appointment, please call 07481 802706 or email us:


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