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Doggy Day Care

At our specially designed fully licensed Dog Day Care Centre we provide full day care for your dog whilst you are at work, out for the day or simply want to give your dog a day of fun and socialisation! 

Dropped off in the morning your dog will have a full day of fun, playtime, group walks (when possible and appropriate), stimulation and interaction, a quiet place to sleep and any other necessaries for their routine (i.e. feeding/medication as required).

Our day care dogs are given lots of one-to-one love and attention, as a result we do have limited places to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality of care.

Our team are experienced and qualified in different areas of dog training and behaviour. We ensure every dog attending  day care is happy but more importantly we ensure their time with us is positive. We plan your dog's day and activities around their breed, energy levels and temperament. We pride ourselves on having good relationships with the dogs and their owners. We feedback to owners on their dog's day with any training/behaviour observations.

We are here to help, we are more than happy to offer training, diet, behavioural advice if you need it. Our aim is to assist you in making your dog a balanced fun loving K9! 

Our Doggy Day Care service is available Monday to Friday from 7.15am-6.15pm.


If you are interested in bringing your dog to our day care, please send us an email/message detailing information about your dog such as breed, age, sex, neutered/spayed and temperament. We provide a free initial consultation/viewing for you and your dog to come and look around our facilities, meet the team and discuss your requirements in more detail. Our consultations take place on an evening once we have closed, we ask you to bring your dog along so they can become familiar with the environment, meet us and explore the centre. 

All dogs must complete a trial/assessment day (chargeable at the full day rate £25.00), this is to ensure your dog is happy and will settle in a day care environment. Each dog  is an individual and it may take longer than a day to assess them so we may advise you to bring your dog along for a few sessions. Dogs are continually monitored and assessed on each and every visit to ensure your dog is happy and remains happy.

The day care environment can be a very excitable place for some dogs with all the different smells, noises and interaction which might not be suitable for every dog. (Please note some working breeds can become over stimulated in a day care environment and a dog walking option may be more beneficial).  Likewise, day care is not always suitable for dogs who are nervous or anxious. Please don't be offended if we decide that your dog is not suitable for our day care, this is not a negative reflection on you or your dog.

The happiness and well being of all the dogs in our care is paramount.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated or titre-tested. Puppies can attend day care after their 2nd vaccination (around 12 weeks old). 

Please note male dogs must be neutered by the age of 9 months and bitches cannot attend whilst in season. 

Our prices are £25.00 per dog per day (7.15am-6.15pm)

(Please note dogs must attend a minimum of 1 day per week) 



Please note viewings are by appointment only. This helps us to maintain a safe and calm environment for the dogs at all times. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a consultation/viewing. 


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