Our Puppy 'Play and Learn' Sessions are designed for puppies aged 10 weeks to 20 weeks old.


Bring your dog along for a fun and interactive play session. Puppies will be taught appropriate play skills and how to interact with dogs of all sizes in a controlled and supervised environment.


Boisterous and confident pups will be taught how to play in a calm manner and to respect the personal space of other dogs. If dogs are nervous or shy they will be helped to gain confidence and to not be scared. Pups will be given 'calm down' and focus time if they get too excitable or over zealous!

Socialisation is crucial for any puppy especially when your puppy is between 8-16 weeks. Your puppies experiences of the big wide world will shape your dog's behaviour for the rest of their life. It is very important we ensure that our dog's have positive associations with everything we expose them too.

Each week there will be different activities to help aid your puppies socialisation with people, noises and objects. Fun games to help teach basic obedience such as Sit, Recall and Lead Walking. Our trainers will also be on hand to offer you any training advice or answer any questions you may have about your puppy.

These weekly sessions are ideal for owners who cannot commit to booking onto a Puppy Training Course.

Puppies must be fully vaccinated (proof required at registration). 

These 'Play and Learn' sessions are a great opportunity to socialise your Pup safely and positively and chat with other dog owners!


The sessions are £5.00 per session.


Every Wednesday Evening - 7.00pm-8.00pm @ The K9 Hub - Unit 2c, Whitehall Industrial Estate, Ashfield Way, Leeds, LS12 5JB

Please call or email to register your Puppy for their first session. Weekly booking required.

If you would like anymore information or would like to book a session, please call 07481 802706 or email us: thek9hub@outlook.com

Puppy 'Play and Learn' Sessions