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Perfecting Your Dog's Recall Workshop


  • Do you find your Dog has good recall ‘most’ of the time?

  • Do you struggle getting your Dog back on the lead?

  • Is your Dog easily distracted on a walk?


If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above then the ‘Perfecting Your Dog’s Recall’ Workshop is the ideal course for you and your Dog. This workshop is designed to work on a reliable recall for your Dog but also to improve your Dog’s obedience,  lead walking with distractions, socialisation skills and manners. We will work on your Dog’s focus and control and build on the bond you have with your Dog! 


The workshop is for dogs aged 6 months and older and dogs must have a basic level of obedience/command.


This Workshop is also a good starting point for owners wanting Beginners Training for their dog.  


Full training notes provided.


Length of Course:  2 weeks


Venue:  Leeds Corinthians Rugby Club, Ring Road, Middleton, Leeds, LS10 4AX


(Please note the venue is outside – if the weather conditions are not suitable for the class. We will cancel the class and inform you with as much notice as possible. The course will run on the following week until the 2 week course is complete). 


Dates:  Thursday 28th July - Thursday 4th August 2016

          Thursday 6th October - Thursday 13th October 2016



Time:  7.15pm-8.15pm


Cost : £32.00 (Please note full payment must be received by cash or bank transfer before the first lesson)


If you would like anymore information or would like to book a place, please call 07481 802706 or email us:  

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