The Woof Project is our charity providing education and support to dog owners and members of the local community.  


We are here to help ALL dog owners and their dogs...owning a dog isn’t easy and we understand it can be difficult at times. Whether you are struggling with training, struggling financially with the cost of owning a dog or you simply need some advice we are here to help.


Our friendly, approachable and experienced volunteers can assist you and guide you in the right direction.


We believe 'Prevention is better than Cure' so if you have a problem with your dog act now and don't leave it until it's too late.


The Woof Project offers:


-  Low cost/discounted dog training sessions for owners in financial hardship


-  'K9 Foodbank' - Provides Dog food, treats, bedding and training equipment to owners in financial hardship  


- Drop in Clinics & Community Events


-  An Advice Line which is available and open to any dog owners who have a question about their dog or maybe have a problem and need some advice as to where to turn.


Please note we are NOT a rescue. We cannot rehome dogs, we are here to help and work with owners to keep their dogs as part of the family.


Please get in touch if you require some assistance or need some help. Details can be found at or call 07958 957494.